Estate Planning

Many people prefer avoiding talking about it, but one day you’ll inevitably have to decide what will happen to your “Estate” once you’ve died. If you don’t have a Will, there is a certain legislation that determines who’ll receive the Estate you leave behind. So as to determine who gets what, you ought to have written a Will.

If you own a big estate or have a disabled beneficiary, then there are distinct kinds of Wills that you ought to consider. James F. Taylor will cross-examine your own personal and financial situation and offer you advice on the best kind of Will for you and your loved ones.

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  • XxBAGELGUY09xX 768 more…

    Mr.Taylor is the best of the best! He has helped me and my mother several times. I know when I was at the lowest and darkest point in my life,he was the only one I could count on. He is truly one of the greatest human beings and Lawyers to ever grace this earth! I owe my life to this man!

  • JeffHughes more…

    Affordable estate planning. Not the fastest, mind you, but complete and detailed.

  • Mitch Mullenax more…

    Our church hired Mr. Taylor for a property closing. He is unreliable and we needed to start the process over with another lawyer. If you are considering using Mr. Taylor, save yourself the trouble and use someone else.

  • Anonymous more…

    I hired Mr Taylor to settle an estate as I reside in another state. The communication was poor. I mailed sensitive material to his office which was lost and denied ever received except when the signed return receipt was presented…